Javi Gutierrez
Cádiz, España
Biografía: This dj and producer from Cadiz began his career in the music world at a very little influenced by his father great artist and producer in the province of Cadiz.
Then a few years is beginning to sound a private party being noticed and his skill in the dishes and opening up to other styles as much as you concerning the electronic techno, minimal and deep house.
Thanks to his travels across America and South America (New York, Houston, Miami, Colombia, etc ...) extends his musical culture taking a new concept of electronic music as a banner carrying the group Pure Clubbers.
On his return he plunges into producing music and play in various clubs, Cádiz, Huelva, Seville, Granada are some of the territories visited make vibes to all audiences and sharing a cabin with renowned artists internationally as
ARGY (Cadenza Records, Berlin),
FORMAT B (Highrade - Germany),
RAMON TAPIA (Great Stuff - Germany), ALEX UNDER (Plus 8),
EDU IMBERNON (Get Physical, Ekkletisch), ANTON PIETTE (Dinner Records), BORDERLINE (Turbo Recordings), GONZALO (Creamfileds, It´s Amazing), JAVI PEÑA (Space Ibiza),
MR CHAGAR (Ohju Club),
BORJA V (24 Beats, Ohju Club),
JAY RODRIGUEZ (Pure Clubbers, Imagina Club), and a long etc ... national artists.
Masterclass of this wonderful music that cares a selection of
sound ranging from Nu disco, Deep, Tech, focusing on the house full of groove with elegance and force.


Detroit Street EP // The Sounds
V.A Music // Coquette Records
Emigrar // Deep Mentality


Dot One Records,Apparel Music, etc...

Booking Contact // pureclubbers@gmail.com
Remixes Contact // javigutierrez1@me.com
el 09/07/2012
el 07/10/2014

Siguiendo a...


Bueno parece que he podido sacarlo desde una muestra de una librería y algo de sat + eq, hay alguna forma de poder subir el preview para que lo oigáis???

el 19/08/2014

#21 Exacto D4v estoy totalmente de acuerdo, he estado escuchando mucho jackin house, y house retro a ver si encontraba alguno para samplear por que ya te digo he intentado todo lo que dices, hacer...

el 19/08/2014

D4v muchisimas gracias tio, me echas un cablazo. Hasta mañana entonces :)

el 18/08/2014
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