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Acid Rain Technology MAESTRO

Por Gak hace 2 semanas en Barcelona
Expiración: 23/04/2021 | Visto 150 veces
345 €
Acid Rain Technology MAESTRO
  • Acid Rain Technology MAESTRO
  • Acid Rain Technology MAESTRO
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Maestro is a sixfold, clock-synchronizable modulation source.

With Maestro, a further step in the evolution of the Modular Synthesizer into a modular DAW is completed. The idea behind Maestro is derived from the automation curves in digital audio workstations and radically simplifies them. Unlike DAW automation curves, Maestro does not draw as many segments as you want and shape them individually, but works with triangle-based waveforms, rectangles or random values that can be deformed sinusoidally and either looped or fired as a one-shot. By concatenating individual waveforms, sequences of the above mentioned waveforms can be generated. Each channel can execute a different divider of the clock and can be triggered individually. All settings can be stored and recalled as presets via SD card.

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