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Altavoces Tannoy Mercury F1 Custom

Por Kiko_Rico el 12/08/2018 en Badajoz
Expiración: 11/10/2018 | Visto 160 veces
140 €
Este anuncio ha expirado.
Altavoces Tannoy Mercury F1 Custom
  • Altavoces Tannoy Mercury F1 Custom
  • Altavoces Tannoy Mercury F1 Custom
  • Altavoces Tannoy Mercury F1 Custom
Pareja de Altavoces HIFI Tannoy F1 Mercury Custom,
Excelentemente cuidados.
Precio con envio incluido.

- Crossover: high quality polypropylene capacitor used in the tweeter feed, and the circuit topology revised to deliver greater high frequency detail, better imaging and more control at the bottom end.
- Tannoy DMT: (Differential Material Technology) - the interface between drive unit and the cabinet structure is crucial and this area is given special attention in the 'F1' and 'F4' Custom models. Bracing materials of different acoustic properties are used to dampen the driver to the internal bracing and then to the enclosure body itself; resulting in an exceptionally well damped structure that minimises the effect of unwanted resonances.
- Wiring: the internal wiring has been replaced with high purity 'Van den Hul' silver-plated cable for lower energy loss and greater transparency.
- Termination panel: the termination panel has been upgraded with high quality gold plated brass terminals to optimise the signal transfer with minimum information loss.

The bass performance is rich and powerful while the mid and high frequency presentation is accurate, clear and dynamic. This natural sounding acoustic balance allows 'Mercury' to reveal all the scale and impact of original soundtracks, this as well as delivering the subtle nuances of complex audio recordings.

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