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Por moog1406 el 24/02/2018 en Girona
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The Sampling Modulator is a multi-function module that lies somewhere between a VCO, a Sample & Hold, and an 8 step trigger sequencer.

This module can function as:

Sequencer Clocked Sample & Hold
In this mode it acts like a regular Sample and Hold (S&H) but since it is “sequencer clocked”, it is capable of much more interesting patterns than the usual S&H melodies.

The CLOCK input can work in two ways:
1. As a typical clock
2. In “positive going hard sync” mode allowing you to create shuffling and polyrhythmic effects.

The HOLD input can be used to keep certain notes playing.

Analog Down-Sampling Effect
In this mode (with the clock running at audio rates) you can go from nasty and harsh sampling rate reduction to an almost clean signal. (The clock run up to 25Khz without external CV and up to 200Khz with CV on the input).

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