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Brent Averill BAE 10X2 Line Mixer

Por tyrel el 13/02/2017 en Madrid
Expiración: 27/09/2018 | Visto 500 veces
2495 €
Este anuncio ha expirado.
Brent Averill BAE 10X2 Line Mixer
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This listing is for a rare Brent Averill 10 X 2 Neve line mixer. There are original Neve B283 amplifiers/Marinair LO1166 output transformers inside which will fatten up sound you run through it. 10 XLR line inputs, 2 XLR stereo outputs and a XLR send output. Could be linked to another one of these to make a 20 x 2 mixer. The front panel has Send pots, Pan pots, Level pots and one large stereo pot for a master fader. The mixer is in nice cosmetic shape and works well. The VU meters work fine. This is one of the few original Neve line mixers ever built by Brent Averill.

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