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Channel strip Millennia STT-1 Doble modo Válvulas y Estado sólido

Por Carlos Calderón el 07/11/2019 en Madrid
Expiración: 09/01/2020 | Visto 99 veces
2500 €
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Channel strip Millennia STT-1 Doble modo Válvulas y Estado sólido
  • Channel strip Millennia STT-1 Doble modo Válvulas y Estado sólido
  • Channel strip Millennia STT-1 Doble modo Válvulas y Estado sólido
  • Channel strip Millennia STT-1 Doble modo Válvulas y Estado sólido
Channel strip de alta gama Millenia todo en uno. Lo vendo porque hemos comprado una unidad Manley Voxbox. Aun así el Millennia es una unidad más versátil. Revisado por servicio técnico especializado.

Más info:
Take advantage of everything Millennia has to offer with the Origin STT-1 channel strip. With its "Twin Topology," the Origin STT-1 is designed for maximum flexibility, arming you with both solid-state and tube signal paths. Whether you choose the iconic, incredibly pure HV-3 preamp to start or Millennia's clear, precise tube signal path, you always have two different kinds of flavors to choose from to get the right sound for your recording. Continuing its "Twin Topology" design, the Origin STT-1 channel strip features tube and discrete solid-state versions of Millennia's elite NSEQ-2 mastering EQ as well as three opto-based mastering compressor/limiter paths and twin opto de-esser paths to complete the total, highly flexible package.

The best of Millennia in one versatile box
Twin Topology gives you the most flexibility
Millennia gear is made for detail

The best of Millennia in one versatile box
If you're familiar with the boutique, meticulously designed quality of Millennia gear, then you know the Origin STT-1 represents the "best-of," giving you an extremely flexible box for any application. The Origin STT-1's unique design starts with Millennia's "Twin Topology," letting you switch between two separate signal paths, one tube and one solid-state, each with its own set of sound characteristics and flavor. With tube and solid-state versions of Millennia's premium NSEQ-2 mastering-grade parametric EQ and opto compressor/limiter, the Millennia Origin STT-1 behaves like multiple channel strips in one, letting you quickly tap into everything Millennia has to offer.

Twin Topology gives you the most flexibility
The entire Millennia line is committed to musicality, from the pure voice of the renowned HV-3 solid-state preamp to the subtle, detailed splash of tube color you'll hear from the M-2B based preamp. With the Origin STT-1, you get both, thanks to Millennia's Twin Topology. You can instantly switch between solid-state and tube-based signal paths to find the sound characteristics you want for your project. The preamp voices are followed up by twin NSEQ-2 mastering-grade parametric EQs, again, tube or discrete solid state, depending on what you've selected. You'll find that the NSEQ-2 is a departure from the other parametric EQs you may have had your hands on. It's offers a sort of big, clear, clean, almost "transparent" EQ-ing that lets you dig in and sculpt your sound, without the problems with overdrive and distortion that plague other options. Outside of its flexible EQ, the Origin STT-1 offers a trio of opto compressor/limiter paths. You can take advantage of Millennia's popular TCL tube compressor for a gentle sort of squeeze or tap into discrete solid state and passive flavors of compression to suit the source material you're working with.

Millennia gear is made for detail
Founder and chief designer John LaGrou takes the same approach to his exceptional audio gear as he does to the wine he cultivates in the California countryside. Detail matters, it's everything. Whether in a vintage of wine or your multi-track mix, taken together, those details can make a major difference in the end result. Millennia equipment celebrates those fine, subtle points, bringing you gear that's built with uncompromising quality to deliver purity in music.


Twin microphone preamplifiers: M-2B vacuum tube or HV-3 discrete solid state
Twin NSEQ-2 mastering-grade parametric EQs: vacuum tube or discrete solid state
Three opto compressor/limiter paths:TCL vacuum tube, discrete solid state, passive
Twin opto de-esser paths: vacuum tube or discrete solid state
Vacuum tube or discrete solid state line-level paths
Input coupling with or without MIT-01 audio transformer
1/4" vacuum tube DI input:route via tube or solid-state gain path
Gold audio connectors, tube sockets, relays, and switches
3/8"-thick radius extruded aluminum face plate
Durable black mirror-gloss anodized finish
Military-spec sixteen-gauge cold-rolled steel chassis
Ultra-clean toroid power supply: internal sub-chassis
Hand-machined aluminum knobs, illuminated IT&T push-buttons
Mogami Neglex OFC audio wiring
Silver Teflon power wiring
True audio VU meter for monitoring output level or dynamic gain reduction

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