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Compresor-Puerta de ruido cuadruple Alesis Quad

Por Mister Carrington el 02/03/2019 en Madrid
Expiración: 18/03/2020 | Visto 206 veces
330 €
Compresor-Puerta de ruido cuadruple Alesis Quad
  • Compresor-Puerta de ruido cuadruple Alesis Quad
  • Compresor-Puerta de ruido cuadruple Alesis Quad
Vendo este procesador cuadruple con múltiples opciones.

- Cuatro canales independientes o enlazados dos a dos.

- Posibilidad de insertar otros procesadores en cadena mediante sus entradas dedicadas.

- Compresor de estado sólido tipo VCA.

- En el estudio te soluciona muchas papeletas y es casi neutro en coloración

- En directo es como una navaja suiza.

- Impoluto.

- Muy pocas horas de uso en el estudio.

*Manual en inglés:


-Four-Channel Digital Compressor/Gate.
-Powerful Compression and Gating.
-The Mackie QUAD Comp/Gate is a state-of-the-art four-channel rackmount digital compressor/gate designed for world-class sound. Its compression/limiting and gating/expansion algorithms were written by the digital gurus at Acuma Labs to provide a very wide range of high-quality, instantly usable settings. With 99 user definable snapshots for calling up, say, a favorite bass or vocal compression sound, the QUAD Comp/Gate makes it much easier to get consistently fast, great-sounding mixes than with analog compressor/gates.

The QUAD Comp/Gate offers more parameters with wider ranges than most stand alone analog processors, providing the absolute control to Compress or Gate signals for any application, from a snare drum to a broadcast announcer. Use the compressor for compression or limiting; it also provides threshold, ratio, attack, release, make-up gain, soft knee curve, and auto attack and release. The gate can be used as a noise gate or expander with threshold, ratio, attack, release, hold time, and a range control.

But it doesn't stop there. The QUAD Comp/Gate's built-in Key Filtering function provides independent gating and compression detection, based on adjustable EQ filters that let you target problem frequencies quickly and accurately. There is also a Key Listen function so you can listen to the audio in the key filter path. A Side Chain input allows for triggering the compression/gating using external signals. And the QUAD Comp/Gate's "Auto" feature senses input transients to automatically adjust attack and release times-eliminating the "pumping" effect associated with compression triggering. Read more.

Of course, none of these bells and whistles would matter for sound engineers if the QUAD Comp/Gate wasn't amazingly fast and easy to use. So the front panel is intuitively laid out with ultra-bright 12-segment metering, multi-color backlit buttons and nine backlit push-button knobs with LED collars to indicate settings from a mile away. You simply press the channel(s) you wish to process and adjust the knobs accordingly. Channels can be operated independently or stereo-linked with a single button press, making global FOH limiting adjustments fast and convenient. For maximum flexibility, the QUAD Comp/Gate's rear panel includes both 1/4" TRS and XLR connections, TRS Side Chain send and return, and a "Planet Earth" power supply, which operates on voltages between 100 and 240v.


-4 channels of 24-bit digital compression/limiting and gate/expansion
-Custom algorithms developed by Acuma Labs
-Individual gain reduction and output metering per channel
-Individual Key Filtering per comp and gate channels
-99 snapshots for instant storage and recall of settings
-Stereo Linking of channels A and B, C and D
-Intuitive, easy to use front panel
-Professional input/output connections (XLR & TRS)
-Additional external side chain connections

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