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Compresor Tk Audio BC1-S

Por julitoabt el 01/03/2019 en Madrid
Expiración: 03/05/2019 | Visto 585 veces
900 €
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Compresor Tk Audio BC1-S
Un Gran Compresor!
Como Nuevo!

The BC1-S provides smooth buss compression associated with one of the most famous buss compressors from the mid 80's. Mixing engineers call it the magic 'glue' when transparent compression strengthens mixes without compromising clarity. The BC1-S provides just that kind of compression bringing cohesion and punch; equally useful for drum buss and instrument compression.

The built-in blend control makes it easy to apply parallel compression by adjusting the mix of dry and compressed signal. A mute-switch is provided for muting the dry signal making it possible to adjust the compression without changing the blend control.

A switchable side-chain filter can be applied at 150Hz which makes the BC1-S less responsive to low frequency energy. The external side-chain input makes it possible to have the BC1-S pump to an external source.

Smooth and transparent compression will never go out of fashion and the BC1 has already become a best-seller. The BC1-S will add the magic 'glue' and make your mixes sound punchy and coherent.

To make it even more easy to work with we have now changed all potentiometers for detendet (stepped) controls for easier recall.


Smooth VCA-based buss compression
Provides the magic glue effect on mixes
Extended ratio, attack and release controls
Side-chain input and filtering
Blend control for parallel compression
Single or dual side-chain detectors
Threshold: -20dB to +20dB
Ratio: 1.5:1 / 2:1 / 4:1 / 10:1 / Hard
HP Filter: 150Hz, -6dB octave
External sidechain: in/out
Dual or single sidechain detectors
Attack: UF(ultrafast) /0.1/0.3/0.6/1/3/10/30/60/120mS
Release: 50mS/100mS/300mS/600mS/1.2S/Auto
Gain reduction meter
Make-up: 0 to +20dB
Compression in/out
Straight signal mute
Blend control: from straight to compressed
Balanced input: 40kohm impedance
Balanced output: 100ohm impedance
External side chain input: Unbalanced TRS jacks
Internal, regulated power supply with a toroidal transformer - 115 or 230V, selectable

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