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Dangerous music 2BUS+

Por wavestation hace 1 semana en Asturias
Expiración: 28/03/2021 | Visto 142 veces
2400 €
El anuncio ha sido retirado.
Dangerous music 2BUS+
Vendo este increible sumador , con varias opciones.

Cascadable 16-Channel Analog Summer
XLR and D-Sub connectors
2 parallel stereo outputs: Main Monitor
Switchable sum insert: send return as XLR
Rastered volume control
Three different analog colouring options: "Harmonics", "Paralimit" and "X-Former"
Easy to assign and add colouring options via elegant user interface
The 'Harmonics' processor generates harmonic distortions, which can be mixed with the original using the "STIMULATE" control
'Paralimit' is an FET limiter (fixed), the controller of which is called "BLEND" for parallel mixing
Both processors can be applied to the stereo mix or to either the stereo input pair 13/14 or 15/16
'X-Former' inserts two custom cinemag transducers in the stereo mix
The "SATURATE" control can be used to determine the degree of saturation
All three processors can work simultaneously
The order of distortion and limiter in the signal flow can be exchanged
Cascadable and compatible with 2-Bus LT
Exclusively audiophilic components in the signal path
Endless headroom
Crystal-clear sound and stereo image with outstanding 3-dimensionality
Frequency range: from 10 Hz to 50 kHz linear (<0.1dB)
Input resistance: 25K ohms balanced
Output resistance: 50 ohm balanced
Estado: Impecable

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