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Electric Piano VOCE

Por taikpod el 02/09/2017 en Barcelona
Expiración: 02/02/2018 | Visto 450 veces
85 €
Este anuncio ha expirado.
Electric Piano VOCE
  • Electric Piano VOCE
  • Electric Piano VOCE
Descripción encontrado en Internet: The ELECTRIC PIANO is designed to provide the player with sounds, effects and most importantly, the expressiveness of mechanical electric pianos. The timbre of the sounds created by the ELECTRIC PIANO varies greatly and smoothly over the entire key velocity range. The effects provided can be used to achieve the sounds heard in popular recordings of the past or create new sound innovations. The ELECTRIC PIANO is real easy to use. It requires absolutely no programming. There are front panel rotary controls for volume, overdrive, effects rate and depth, transpose and preset. It has built-in analog effects such as: Chorus, Tremolo, and Wah-wah. The Wah-wah effect can be controlled by key velocity, modulation wheel or from an external foot controller. There are 32 presets in the ELECTRIC PIANO. The first 17 are basic keyboard sounds without effects and the remaining 15 presets are popular combinations of sounds and effects. The first 22 presets are selectable via the front panel: all 32 can be selected through MIDI. In addition, the ELECTRIC PIANO can operate in three part multi-timbral mode for any three adjacent channels as well as MIDI OMNI ON mode (all channels). There are high-level stereo audio outputs, CH2 output may be used to drive high-impedance stereo headphones. All this makes the ELECTRIC PIANO very easy and intuitive to use.
Con adaptador. Estado correcto.
En Barcelona. Se puede enviar, gastos compartidos.

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