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Equipo compacto para tu alquiler o compra

Por damirojo el 21/05/2019 en Castellón
Expiración: 06/06/2021 | Visto 2312 veces
200 €
Equipo compacto para tu alquiler o compra
Amate Audio has introduced the N318 to its new NÍTID active loudspeaker series. A beast sized (1230 x 520 x 540 mm), integrated, full-range, 3 -way active PA cabinet, with 18” and 12” transducers, a 1.75” diaphragm horn-loaded compression driver, and Amate Audio’s on-board integrated 3rd generation Class D amplification and DSP system control platform; unleashing 3200 W of power and 133 dB SPL.

The cabinet configuration – a modern age evolution of vintage 2x15” systems – is one that Amate Audio has developed consistently over many years; the format having been a feature of its product portfolio through several iterations. With improved specifications and several new design innovations, the N318 realizes an all-round leap in performance for this product class; in terms of sonic power and quality, operational versatility and ease of use.

A more powerful amplifier platform – 2400 W (LF) + 800 W (MF/HF) – drives a 4? voice coil 18” LF driver, 3? voice coil neodymium 12” driver, and an all-new 1.75” PM4 diaphragm HF compression driver, loaded with a long throw horn. The mid range transducer assembly features a specially designed phase plug for the 12” driver, effectively creating two separate in phase output sources for better controlled horizontal directivity. Increased compression in the 12” driver also boosts its output.

Improved output levels and frequency consistent directivity combine with higher signal resolution and audio fidelity, so that the N318 delivers exceptional sound quality over a longer throw with wider horizontal coverage. Characteristics that equip the N318 for wide range of medium and large scale indoor and outdoor sound applications, with equal efficacy in FoH PA and side-fill and drum-fill stage monitoring roles.

DSP system control is accessed via Amate Audio’s proprietary SensitiveTouchTM keypad technology (with no mechanical components or moving parts) from the rear mounted control panel with LCD display, and includes 5-band EQ, crossovers, up to 118 ms / 40 m delay line, limiter, gain control, mute and input dynamic compressor. Additionally, powerful application optimized ‘plug & play’ presets enable virtually instantaneous setup and optimum operation.

The exclusive, ultra-thin speaker grille design created by Amate Audio’s research team, provides robust protection but with a 67% ‘best-in-class’ perforation coefficient, offering astonishing sonic transparency. The Polyurea® finish provides durable protection for the birch-ply cabinet, while electronic circuits and controls are smartly protected against moisture. The backlit NÍTID logo can be switched off or switched to indicate when the system is limiting. Amate Audio’s universal switch mode power supply, providing 90% efficiency power supply to the amplifier circuitry for maximum power delivery with minimum consumption, enables operation with any mains condition between 85 and 265 V AC.

Despite the N318’s considerable displacement and onboard ordnance, it is remarkable nimble. At just 67 kg and with its tilt and roll design – with fixed rear mounted wheels and ergonomic handles – a single person can handle and rapidly move the cabinet into position. Additionally, M8 rigging points provide for easy flying.

Speaking on the introduction of the N318 to the NÍTID series, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer Joan Amate said, “The N318 is an exceptionally powerful, full range, integrated, single enclosure, point source PA system. An easily deployed all-in-one solution, it can be rapidly moved into position, stacked or flown, to provide a high quality, high output main PA or stage-fill monitors. Its power and coverage makes equally ideal in venue or outdoor event applications.

“This is a speaker configuration that has served us well over the years and that we have continued to re-engineer and evolve. The N318 takes the format to a new power and performance high.”

NÍTID – from the Latin nitidus, meaning bright, glistening or lustrous, and nitere, to shine – is the inspiration for this new loudspeaker series that celebrates 45 years of Amate Audio engineering. The new range of self-powered, DSP enabled speaker systems is dedicated for mid-sized installation and live event production. Each model is the culmination of an intensive program of research, development and optimization, wherein the greatest possible power and performance from the most compact form factor is achieved. NÍTID sets a new paradigm for compact sound reinforcement, attaining SPLs and standards of sonic reproduction from cabinets of this size.

“NÍTID is the culmination of our current development work in DSP, electroacoustic engineering and cabinet design; a project that we have been researching, designing and developing during the last two years,” continues Joan. “Every model has been defined through a dynamic process of optimisation, calibration and configuration of components and form factor, to achieve best possible system performance. The result is exceptional signal reproduction and higher SPLs from more compact systems than was achievable before. Systems aimed at providing lower profile, more portable full-scale solutions, for small to mid-sized installation and live event production applications.”

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