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High End Systems HOG 1000 DMX

Por Marc Schneider el 18/03/2018 en Cádiz
Expiración: 17/05/2018 | Visto 121 veces
800 €
Este anuncio ha expirado.
High End Systems HOG 1000 DMX
  • High End Systems HOG 1000 DMX
  • High End Systems HOG 1000 DMX
  • High End Systems HOG 1000 DMX
  • High End Systems HOG 1000 DMX
  • High End Systems HOG 1000 DMX
  • High End Systems HOG 1000 DMX
  • High End Systems HOG 1000 DMX
Se vende un HOG 1000 con Touring Case. Features:
Rugged, 100% solid state construction, fully contained
in console
• Two separate DMX-512 outputs
• 16 playback Masters - each able to run the most
complicated cue lists or chases
• External SVGA monitor supported
• All types of moving lights (including fixtures from High End
Systems, Vari-Lite, Martin, Clay Paky, etc.) are programmed
with the same natural programming interface
• Editable personalities for all major fixture types
• Numerous windows give feedback on programming and fixture
• Familiar command line programming syntax
• Unlimited multi-part cues
• Timing spreadsheet for easy entry of parameter times
• 3D positional programming with XYZ coordinates
• Automated preset focus updating with 3D system
• Effects Engine™ playback includes complex effects including
rainbows and ballyhoos
• Complete programming manipulation: move, copy, merge,
mask, etc.
• Standard or custom profiles for cues or individual parameters
• Cue, cuelist, effect and palette transfer between consoles
• Sophisticated macro recording and playback capabilities
• Highlight button for focusing
• Next fixture button for quick fixture selection
• Active button instantly grabs specified fixtures
• Snapshot button for active cues
• Track and Cue Only modes
• Blind programming mode
Each master runs its own Cuelist using Go, Pause/Back,
Add/Swap/Bump, and Select buttons
• Simultaneous playback of independent Cuelists, chases or
effects on Masters (dedicated or virtual)
• Cuelists are dynamically assigned to Masters and grouped
together on a Page. Changing Pages loads a new set of
Cuelists to the Masters.
• Advanced Page features: instant changes, crossfading
between pages, automatic holdover, activity recall, etc.
• Custom settings for Go and Flash buttons, Cues,
Cuelists and submasters: activation, precedence
(HTP or LTP), resetting, etc.
• Cue timing options: fade, delay or manual
• Chases have fully adjustable direction, crossfading and rates
• Independent timing and fade path settings for each channel
in a Cue
• Times programmable from 0.0 seconds to days
• Learn mode for times
• Loop backs within cue lists
• Go To button
• Macros and MIDI Out commands can be included in cues
• Intensity grand master and blackout button
• Instant timing overrides by cue, master or console

Doy una hora de clase si lo recojes en casa.

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