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jomox M.Brane 1 1

Por chichiinka el 06/10/2018 en Granada
Expiración: 21/06/2019 | Visto 430 veces
100 €
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jomox M.Brane 1 1
  • jomox M.Brane 1 1
  • jomox M.Brane 1 1
  • jomox M.Brane 1 1
  • jomox M.Brane 1 1
Sintetizador analógico de percusión .Con su caja y manual,vendo porque quiero adquirir una caja de ritmos.
Percussion synthesizer
2 T-OSC, each of tune and dampening adjustable,
both couplings in either direction adjustable
Presets: 110 (10 x user RAM, 100 x flash)
Sound engine: fully analog with storable parameters
2 x analog envelopes for membranes and noise that are controlled by one parameter (decay)
White noise, metal noise with 65535 different noise pattern combinations
Trigger gate time 0.5ms-10ms, up to 4-times multi trigger possible
8 wave forms LFO: saw +/-, sine +/-, tri +/-, rect +/-, modulates the pitch of one or both the T-OSC, starts always syncronous to the note trigger and is pitch envelope at the same time
Display: LED 7 segment 3 x digits
1 x data wheel, 1 x potentiometer, 5 x buttons, 16 x LEDs for parameters and functions
1 x mono output with 1/4" RCA jack
External analog trigger input, sensitivity adjustable
External wall wart adapter 9V DC
Weight: 0.5kg
Size: 145mm x 155mm x 35mm

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