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Por Al Ferox el 20/09/2019 en Girona
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Keyboard 76 keys, with velocity and mono aftertouch.
Operating System KORG OPOS (Objective Portable Operating System) and RX (Real eXperience) Technology. Multitasking, Load-While-Play feature. SSD (Solid State Disk)-resident. Upgradable from floppy disk.
Display 320 x 240 pixels, Color TouchView graphic touch screen
Help Hypertextual, contextual help system. Multilingual starting from OS Rel. 1.5.
Data storage 1.44MB Floppy Disk Drive (MS-DOS0 compatible), Optional CD-RW (KORG CDRW-1), Standard 2.5" ATA Hard Disk Drive Korg PA1X
Sound generation system KORG Hl - Hyper Integrated.
Polyphony 62 voices, 62 oscillators. Filters with resonance.
Multitimbricity 40 tracks (2 x 16 Sequencer, 4 Keyboard, 4 Pads)
Sounds Factory: >870, including a Stereo Piano and GM Level 2-compatible Programs, 48 Drum Kits User: 256 Sounds, 64 Drum Kits.
Digital Drawbars 8 Footages. Realtime control, using the Assignable Sliders
Sound Edit Qnboard full editing for Sounds and Drum Kits
Sampling Record, Edit, Time Slice (cornpatible with Korg, Wav, Aiff and Akai files)
PCM RAM Memory 16MB standard, expandable up to 32MB with an optional 16MB SIMM module
PCM ROM Expansion 2 slots available, for up to 32MB of additional samples (up to 512 extra Sounds and 128 Drum Kits)
Effects 4 stereo digital rnulti-effect processors (with 89 effect types each, plus Vocoder). Voice Processor by TCHelicon
Voice Processor Voice technology by TC Helicon. Four-parts harmonizer, Reverb, Delay, Compressor, EQ. Pitch Correction and Voice Modeling available as options.
Realtime Tracks Four Keyboard tracks (Upper 1, 2, 3, Lower), 4 Pad tracks
Performances 320 Realtime Performance locations.
Single Touch Settings (STS) Memorize Realtime tracks and Voice Processor settings. Up to 4 x 608 Styles. Up to 4 x each SongBook entry.
Styles More than 450 preloaded Styles, SSD-resident, freely reconfigurable. Up to 608 available Style locations. Eight Style tracks, 4 Single Touch Settings and one Style Performance per-Style.Direct Disk (up to 96 Styles) and Direct Hard Disk (up to 288 Styles)
Style controls 4 Variations, 2 Fills, 2 Intros, 2 Endings, Intro 3/Count In, Fill 3/Break, Synchro Start/Stop, Tap Tempo/Reset, Fade In/Out, Bass inversion, Manual Bass, Tempo Lock, Memory, Accompaniment Volume, Accompaniment Mute, Drum Mapping, Snare & Kick Designation
General controls Master Volume, Ensemble, Octave Transpose, Master Transpose, Split Point, Style Change, Tracks Volume, Quarter Tone (pedal func-tion), Assignable Sliders, Assignable Switches, Joystick, Dial.
Pads 4 Assignable Pads + Stop button
Song Play Patented XDS Crossfade Dual Sequencer player - 2 Sequencers with separate Select, Start/Stop, Pause, (Rewind) and (Fast For-ward) controls. Balance control.Lyrics data can be displayed on-screen, or on an external video monitor. Jukebox function. SMF
Sequencer Quick, Multitrack and Step Record functions. Full-featured sequencer. 16 tracks. Up to 200,000 events. SMF native format.
MP3 Player/Recorder MP3 Player/Recorder (optional). Requires a KORG EXBP-MP3 expansion board.
CD Audio Player/Writer Optional. Requires a KORG CDRW-1 drive. Writing available starting from OS Rel. 2.0.
SongBook Fully programmable music database, with automatic selection of Style Play and Song Play modes. Different custom lists can be created.
Pedals Damper, Assignable (continuous, footswitch), EC5
Realtime controllers Joystick (pitch+ modulation), Assignable Sliders, Assignable Switches, Pads
MIDI 2 x IN, 2 x OUT (toggle as THRU ports). Individual track assignement. Auto-setup functions (MIDI Setup)
USB USB 1.1 connector (Type B/Slave)
Audio inputs 2 x Line In, 1 x Mic In with Gain control
Audio Outputs 2 Main (LefUMono, Right), 2 Sub (1, 2), 1 5/PDIF digital coaxial (mirroring Main Outputs)
Headphone Front 6.3 mm 1/4" jack connection
Power Supply Universal 100 - 240V AC power supply
Power Consumption 35 W
Dimensions W: 1330 mm/52.36", D: 302 mm/11.88", H: 136 mm/5.35
Weight 19.5 kg/44.99 Ibs
Accessories Users Manual, AC Power Cable, Music Stand, CDRW installation kit

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