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Korg Triton Rack

Por zAMe el 25/01/2016 en A Coruña
Expiración: 23/04/2018 | Visto 917 veces
350 €
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Korg Triton Rack
Envío incluido a península. Incluye transformador USA. No me interesan cambios, excepto por un Waldorf Pulse 1 o 2, roland Gaia o novation drumstation II+A station

The Triton Rack is a 60-note polyphonic, 16-part multitimbral synth module, with a full-featured built-in sampler which can load AIFF, WAV and Akai S1000/3000 sample data. This programmable instrument provides a wide selection of high-quality sounds ranging from traditional, orchestral and electronic instrument emulations to synth, pad and drum sounds, produced using the powerful HI (Hyper Integrated) synthesis system. Built-in multi-effects run to two master treatments, five insert effects and one master EQ, and dual polyphonic arpeggiators are featured, as is a pattern sequencer and real-time pattern-play facility. New sounds can be added to the synth via the MOSS Z1 synthesis board option and up to eight PCM expansion boards.

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