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Meng Qi Karp (acepto cambios por otros modulos)

Por cablesyruiditos el 28/12/2020 en Barcelona
Expiración: 08/05/2021 | Visto 425 veces
90 €
94,95 € con la protección de
Modulo de sisntesis Karplus/Strong para sintetizador modular eurorack.

Meng Qi Karp is a Synth Voice module for modules Synthesizer in Eurorack format. The module's sound generation is based on the Karplus-Strong algorithm, which emulates the sound of stringed instruments. The sound of the module is determined by four parameters (Pitch, Rate, Depth and Decay), all of which can be controlled via CV. As a special feature there are small errors in the algorithm which influence the sound. It reminds of Circuit Bending and influences the Decy parameter in particular. A button is used to toggle between the three available waveforms triangle, rectangle and sine.
Estado: Impecable

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