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MIDAS XL48. 8 canales top con salida Adat. Envío incluido.

Por Alberto el 23/07/2018 en Zaragoza
Expiración: 11/09/2018 | Visto 255 veces
700 €
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MIDAS XL48. 8 canales  top con salida Adat. Envío incluido.
No tengo nada claro venderlos pero....

The MIDAS XL48 packs 8 MIDAS XL4 mic preamps into a 1U box, complete with swept high and low pass filters, 8 MIDAS XL8 A/D converters and a super-low jitter 1ppm clock. Additional features include 8-segment LED input meters, individual phantom power, polarity invert, and -20 dB pad. All inputs are on Neutrik XLR and duplicated on 25-way D-sub connectors as standard.

XL48 features both analogue and digital outputs in ADAT and AES/EBU format. All five outputs can be used simultaneously, making the XL48 a multifunction analogue/digital mic splitter as well as adding the MIDAS touch to 8 channels of your mix. Multiple clocking options are available, including external word clock, internal 96 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 48 kHz, and 44.1 kHz.

Applications include portable recording rigs, analogue and/or digital splits between consoles, or improving the input stage of an ordinary digital console with MIDAS mic preamps, convertors and a reference-grade clock.

MIDAS XL48 Features:
8 mic/line inputs featuring classic MIDAS XL4 mic preamps
Unique all-analogue MIDAS XL4 swept low and high pass filters
Individual 48 V phantom power switching per channel
Individual -20 dB pad switching per channel
High accuracy 8 segment LED meter per channel
MIDAS XL8 ultra-low latency 96 kHz 24-bit A/D converters
Supports operation at 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz and 96 kHz sampling frequencies
Ultra-low jitter reference-grade 1 part-per-million (1 ppm) temperature-compensated clock oscillator with external Word clock syncing options
Parallel fully-balanced XLR and 25 W D-Sub input connections
Driven and buffered fully-balanced 25 W D-Sub output connections
Dual AES3 25 W D-Sub output connector
Dual TOSLINK optical output connectors
MIDAS XL48 Specifications:
Maximum Input Level:
Mic\Line +11 dBu
Mic\Line + Pad +31 dBu
CMR at 1KHz(Typical):
Mic (gain + 40 dB) > 80 dB
Mic + Pad (gain + 40 dB) > 70 dB
Mic EIN at 60 dB gain -128 dBu
Mic EIN at 40 dB gain -125dBu
Frequency Response 20 Hz – 20 kHz +0 dB to-1 dB
Distortion at 1 kHz Input to output (0dB) 0.03%
Crosstalk at 1 kHz Channel to Channel
Maximum Output Level:
Line Outputs (into 600R) +21 dBu
Digital Output:
Sampling Frequency 96, 88.2, 48 or 44.1 kHz

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