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Neutrik NYS-SPP-L1 patch panel

Por David el 25/07/2017 en Barcelona
Expiración: 21/04/2018 | Visto 233 veces
49 €
Este anuncio ha expirado.
Neutrik NYS-SPP-L1 patch panel
Individual grounding available for each channel separately
Ruggedized metal housing
Improved contact design minimises wear on mated plugs
Economic and versatile designed 1/4" modular Patch Panel with 2 rows of jack sockets
48 balanced channels with fully PCB wired jack (24 vertical PC boards), 24 front pairs and corresponding 24 rear pairs
Jack PC card contains 4 balanced 1/4" jacks with non-tarnishing contacts, is held securely in place without the use of nuts - no little pieces to drop, break or lose
Easy to change configuration by just flipping individual PC board
Normalling jack is coloured grey for easy identification
4 designation strips included for front and rear panel

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