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PEAVEY Rage 158 Transtube Series REBAJAS: 60€

Por Antonio Moreno Alvarez hace 1 semana en Madrid
Expiración: 23/04/2021 | Visto 70 veces
70 €
PEAVEY Rage 158 Transtube Series REBAJAS: 60€
Vendo en perfecto estado 1 unidad PEAVEY Rage 158 Transtube Series. Siempre en mi domicilio y con uso mínimo por lo que puede ser necesario un warm-up.

Solo para venta en Madrid Capital, gracias.

The Peavy Rage 158 is a 2-channel, 15-watt guitar amplifier. A compact amplifier, with two completely different voices, namely Modern and Vitage. The Modern function provides you with a warm, standard guitar sound, while the Vintage option adds clarity to the tone, imitating classic guitar amps. The amplifier is equipped with pre and post gain buttons, a 3-band equalizer, a headphone output and a tape or CD input. This makes this amplifier ideal for both jamming and solo practice. The TransTube system patented by Peavy is also included in this Rage 158. This amplifier is a transistor amplifier, but thanks to the TransTube system you can still enjoy the wonderful warmth of a real tube amplifier. The Rage 158 makes raw and pure guitar tones, with a wide dynamic. The sound comes from an eight inch Blue Marvel driver and you can also choose between a clean and lead channel.
Estado: Excelente

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