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Preamp Universal Audio Twin Finity 710

Por CELAREZC el 16/02/2018 en Madrid
Expiración: 17/04/2018 | Visto 159 veces
699 €
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Preamp Universal Audio Twin Finity 710
Product Details
1-Channel Preamplifier
Mic / Line / DI with double signal path (Class-A tube and transimpedance solid state)
Phase-aligned Twin-Finity blending (tube / solid state)
Balanced output stage
70 dB + gain
+ 48V Phantom power
Pad (- 15dB) phase reversal and low-cut filter (75Hz)
Illuminated VU meter
High-impedance input on the front (switched from mic/line)
XLR microphone input on the rear, XLR line input and XLR line output
Internal power supply
Includes 19" rack kit

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