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Retro Mechanical Labs (RML) Electron Fuzz Custom Mini - Distorsion Pedal

Por srcbcn el 08/05/2020 en Barcelona
Expiración: 30/08/2020 | Visto 410 veces
180 €
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Retro Mechanical Labs (RML) Electron Fuzz Custom Mini - Distorsion Pedal
Uno de los mejores pedales de distorsión del mercado. Perfecto estado.

RML Es un fabricante americano reconocido por sus pedales artesanales de alta calidad, especialmente en cuanto a distorsión se refiere.

- Incluye adaptador de corriente (el fabricante lo vende sin adaptador).
- Incluye Caja y manual original del fabricante.
- Envío en la península incluido en el precio.


The Electron Fuzz “Custom” is an extremely high gain distortion. Seriously, normal volume setting is at about 10% of its full output potential. Two gain/tone controls “Hurt” and “Pain” give a variety of tone textures and a feedback noise loop can be adjusted to add a very gritty almost 8-bit sound or a squelching scream. (Great for droning or well crafted solos and recording). The extra stomp switch adds 2 more additional gain stages and a boost of high end to the sound. Best of all the distortion oscillates when notes are held adding a new level of expression.


- Hurt: Controls the gain of 3rd gain stage. Lowering the gain will also reduce low end.
- Pain: Controls the gain of the 2nd transistor gain stage. Lowering the gain will reduce high end.
- Output: Volume/saturation. Take some of the edge off the mix or crank the pain and hurt all the way for a big, dirty, crunchy fuzz.
- FB Noise: On/Off adjusts the amount of feedback in the circuit for noise making. Creates a weird octave mod fx.

• Switch controls:
- Low cut toggle: Cuts the low end for a slightly less bassy more gated sound.
- x1000 gain: On left stomp switch. This takes your sound through an addition 2 transistor gain stages and pushes the electrons way past 11! The booster switch adds a loud and dirty, thrash crunch to this versatile pedal. Incredible for feedback noise and FX textures. Can cause the parasitic frequency oscillation but sounds awesome while playing.
- True Bypass: Lets you play through the pedal.

• Meter: Responds to your playing, and reflects first gain stage transistor distortion. Illuminates when active.


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