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Roland MC-909 + SRX-05 Supreme Dance + Pack Don Solaris

Por whitenoizes el 21/01/2021 en Madrid
Expiración: 22/03/2021 | Visto 518 veces
550 €
El usuario ha marcado este anuncio como vendido
Vendo mi MC-909 con la tarjeta SRX-05 Supreme Dance y además con una tarjeta extra de 128Mb de sonidos que diseño Don Solaris, con estas dos mejoras esta máquina es una verdadera estación de trabajo. A tope de ram también.

El precio es muy bueno, no regateos, no acepto cambios.

Portes pagados en península.

Estos son los sonidos que incluye la tarjeta de Don Solaris:

Akai XE8
Alesis HR-16
Alesis HR-16B
Boss DR-55
Casio PT-30
Casio RZ-1
E-MU Drumulator
Fujitone IIIB
Kawai XD5
Korg DDD1
Linn 9000
Linndrum LN1
Nord Wave
Oberheim DMX
Roland TR-66
Roland TR-505
Roland TR-606
Roland TR-626
Roland TR-707
Roland TR-727
Roland TR-808
Roland TR-909
Roland CR-8000
Yamaha RX-5
Yamaha RX-11
Yamaha RX-21
Yamaha SY-35
Yamaha SY-85

Como indica en la info de su website:

As mentioned earlier there are 69 rhythm sets. Of those 69, 54 feature drums, 8 feature jingles, 4 feature cuts, 2 feature robot voices and 1 features ambient noises.

54 drums sets. Well that’s pretty straight forward. You get full sets sampled from machines, i.e. a TR-606 will feature sounds from TR-606 and will be titled TR-606 accordingly. If sampled source has more than 16 sounds then they are split into parts, so for example you get HR-16 set1 and HR-16 set2. Then there is a third kind of rhythm sets which feature grouped instruments, such as kicks, snares, hats, etc. Notice: these are no doubles (from existing drum machines) but different drum samples, sampled from TR-909, TR-808 and other various sources – think of it as compilation of kicks, snare, hats etc. Makes things much easier when composing. Just Transpose the track and you have a new kick hitting without need to change the rhythm set.

Then there are 8 sets called ST jingles. These are various jingles taken from Amiga 500 computer Sound Tracker ST00-ST99 sample collection which is in public domain. These are made of vocal phrases, funny noises, stabs, etc. They are really old, think 1989, 1990, which i thought it would be fun to have. And they are raw gritty 8 bit samples.

There are 4 sets called Cuts. These come from TV/radio sources. Mostly made of random phrases, chatter, etc. I have included some legendary samples in here, just for fun, and you can hear some of those in the demo. Hint: Bomb The Bass.
There are 2 sets called Robot. These are, as its name suggests various Robot talk phrases. Which i thought wold be cool for all the techno heads and sound experimenters.

Then there is one special set called Atmospheres. These are various ambient noises which i’ve either generated or recorded in field during some work in the early 2000s that never managed to end on a sample CD (which i’ve planned back then but never finished it). So here is their premiere for the first time. You can hear some of them in the demo as well.

BONUS: Extra 48 patches. Since i know a thing or two about programming Roland JD/JV engine i couldn’t resist to program a couple of patches for you!! I have also included some cool samples in here which are also available thru patch selection.
Is it worth the money? Put it in this perspective. Average Dance card for MC-909 cost around 100 notes, delivers around 800 samples and 24 drum sets. This set cost 39 notes and delivers around 1100 sampled and 54 drum sets.
Estado: Muy bueno

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