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Vendo Roland Fantom XR

Por HolaMola el 21/03/2021 en Pontevedra
Expiración: 20/05/2021 | Visto 162 veces
500 €
Vendo Roland Fantom XR
Está en perfecto estado
Sampling e instrumentación midi:

The Fantom-XR brings powerful sampling and synthesis to a convenient 1U rack module. With room for over 1GB of sounds, this affordable module sets a new standard for expandability. The 128MB internal wave ROM includes expressive new Patches like an 88-key split piano, plus room for six SRX expansions. Full-blown user sampling is also supported, along with .WAV/AIFF compatibility for loading samples via USB. And with PC Card storage, the Fantom-XR makes backing up data quick and easy.

1U rackmount synthesizer/sampler with capacity for over 1GB of sounds
128-voice polyphony and expressive 4-tone stereo multiplex synthesis
Flexible user sampling with .WAV/AIFF compatibility
128MB wave ROM expandable to 512MB via 6 optional SRX boards
16MB sample memory expandable to 528MB with optional DIMMs
3 MFX processors, plus separate reverb, chorus and mastering effects
USB port and optional PC Card storage with up to 1GB capacity
2 stereo (4 mono) analog outputs, stereo analog input, plus S/PDIF digital I/O
Estado: Excelente

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