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Vienna Symphonic Library SYNCHRON CONCERT D-274

Por rauldelcorte el 27/12/2020 en S.C. de Tenerife
Expiración: 25/02/2021 | Visto 132 veces
499 €
Este anuncio ha expirado.
Vienna Symphonic Library SYNCHRON CONCERT D-274
Full Library Original + llave (licencia).
Standard Lib. + Extended Lib. = Full Library. 266.3 GB

Steinway & Sons D-274, Hamburg Model
Over 4,000 samples per key for maximum authenticity, liveliness, and feel.
Recorded in the natural ambience of one of the best recording halls in the world, Synchron Stage Vienna
Utmost realism, capturing all of the instrument’s nuances with our proprietary precision sampling technology
Hyper-realistic playing feel
Multiple microphone positions – for a multitude of timbral variations
Intuitive, customized Synchron Pianos software with high-performance playback engine
Six pre-configured presets: “Concert”, “Intimate”, “Player”, “Pop”, “Ambience”, “Mighty”
Soft (una corda), sostenuto, sustain pedals
Half-pedalling and re-pedalling
Sympathetic resonance
Body resonance
Dedicated release samples, depending on played release velocity
Detailed pedal sounds for soft and sustain pedals, depending on pedal speed
Estado: Impecable

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