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Biografía: David Kira 1977.
Independent artist from contemporary music based on the sonorous dreams with guitars and basses, cinematographic passages and electronic art.

Covering a wide range of sensations that go from the roughest thing up to the most delicate and thin smoothness of the sound, giving sonic light to the most extravagant dreams of the interpretation of every person.

Featured musician in the experimentation and the environmental sound with a great alternative concept on the electronic music.

The first official publications were thanks to the British label Summer Rain Recordings with an alternative and avant-garde character in electronic contemporary music.

Collaborations with singers similarity musical:
Katrin Battenberg (Painted on silent blue, Austria)
Marcos Gómez (Delacienaga, Spain)
Jillian Ann (United States)
And participation in a remix contest for Bjork, the project was the third global voting public.

Active collaborator for filmmakers as
Full Color Emotion (United Kingdom)
or for video programs like Anna Bianco's "London Diaries".

Nowadays it keeps the way and the bet for the sonorous emotional art and the feelings that it detaches and impregnates in the persons.

David Kira ®
Discografía: Mutual Core - Kira (Remix) - Free Download
Original Track from Biophilia Album.
Released 18 September 2012

You Within (Ep) - Free Download
Original music by David Kira / Katrin Battenberg lyrics and voices.
Included Remix of Toni González.
Single Ep 2 tracks
Released 28 December 2011

Demonëke (Exclusive track) - Free Download
Exclusive track for compilation of artist created by Jack Lane (Visual artist, Full Color Emotion)
Compilation Album 9 tracks
Released 29 October 2011

Hold (Ep)
This album talks about ourselves and the planet we inhabit.
Ep Album 4 tracks
Released 23 August 2011

La pluie dans mon monde (Lp)
The first long play of personal character of a restless mind dreamy.
Lp Album 13 tracks
Released 06 May 2011

King of solitude - Kira (Remix) - Free Download
Second work for this great singer with guitars and dark melodies fully recorded and signed by David Kira.
Jillian Ann
Released 24 April 2011

Confess - Kira (Remix)
First remix for Jillian Ann with a brilliant touch electronic hard rock.
Released 01 April 2010

Culture Nature (Ep) - Free Download
A job with the great voice of rock singer Marcos Gómez (Delacienaga)
4 tracks, includes a bonus track Otl-UK
Released 08 January 2010

In-Evolution (Ep)
In-evolution of the instinct, second job within the British label
Summer Rain Recordings
Ep Album 4 tracks
Released 14 July 2009

The first public album worldwide and edited by the British label
Summer Rain Recordings, Here begins the journey of the project presenting an alternative to conventional ambient electronica and other styles.
Ep Album 4 tracks
Released 22 May 2008
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Partiendo de la base que cualquier objetivo sirve para video, un tele no sería la primera opción para mi una focal fija, sin estabilización y totalmente manual Focales comprendidas de 24 a 80, y...

el 15/03/2016

No conozco a ninguno de los dos y el video de Daughter esta bloqueado en mi país por derechos de autor De todas formas, mejor, ahora escuchare música nueva :grin:

el 13/03/2016

Gracias MikkiDj El segundo video que dices, que en realidad es el primero que hice, lo grabe todo en el Valle de Hecho, Pirineos Occidentales, selva de Oza y eso.. Un saludo

el 13/03/2016
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