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Biografía: Upbeat hardcore energy with a rebellious attitude, Spanish duo Undercore sets the pace for the mainstream-minded. Big kick-drums and inspiring melodies, the moment is now.

Pablo Vilaplana Muñoz and Pablo Aznar Jorda are Undercore. Two music junkies who met up years ago and have worked together ever since. Both born in Alcoy, middle road between Alicante and Valencia, the sunny Spanish climate did not translate into a taste for highly polished commercial music for these guys. Instead they rebelled against the trendy tunes on the radio and dug deeper into music to find their real passion: hardcore.

Pablo Aznar started working at a local radio station at the age of 14. Young and motivated, he developed his DJ skills every chance he got. His true passion though, was producing music. Having control over rhythm and melody, the ultimate form of self expression. With contacts Pablo gathered at the radio station he refined and bettered his own music. Little by little, Pablo made steps forward. From demo to demo, straight on to positive feedback when his tracks started getting played at local nightclubs. The other half of the duo, Pablo Vilaplana also was an early starter in music. At the age of 13 Pablo took over control of the music around him. Performing as DJ in various clubs and producing music, roads crossed as he met up with Pablo Aznar years later. A hook-up was quickly made, when both artists discovered they had a similar view on music. Combining skills in the studio as well as behind the decks, Undercore was formed.

Highly motivated to create better music, the hardcore obsession just kept on growing. Every euro earned ended up in the studio. As DJ's they had the perfect stage to test-drive their own tracks. Once a tune was finished, it got played out loud the next weekend. With the crowd reaction as the ultimate judge, Undercore continued to fine-tune their sound. Never satisfied and driven by their love for music, the duo held on to their motivation and continued to improve their tracks.

After more and more people urged them to send in a demo, Undercore took the next step towards hardcore domination. Contacting a foreign label sounded like the only right thing to do. Basically the only option was to send the tracks Undercore produced to the people whom had created the music they loved and inspired them for so many years. The result: the Legend EP.
Released at The Third Movement, their new home away from home, the Legend EP featured two instant smashes: 'Legend' and 'Looking for a way'. With the Spanish mainland as their back-up, Undercore is ready to take control of decks, sound-systems and dance-floors. Their 2013 debut release has given them a sound to be recognized for. Dirty hardcore drums, dripping with energy and rocking melody to the moment of pure excitement.

Accessible and intense, Undercore gets dance-floors moving. Busting kicks without regret and highly motivated to deliver their surge of melody, this duo is a symphony waiting to unfold.
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el 25/11/2012
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Que no te vendan la motocicleta XFER SERUM. :bananaguit:

el 17/01/2018

Muchas gracias por la info

el 30/07/2015

A ti por responder. A ver si a la proxima duda la veo antes y te puedo contestar antes... Saludos.

el 22/03/2015
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  • Djbufas
    el 05/02/2019Djbufas

    Tratar con Pablo es más fácil que sentarse en un sofá. Lo difícil es no acabar siendo medio colega de él, porque lo hace todo fácil, rápido, sin ...... Leer más

  • susso
    el 22/12/2017susso

    Le he comprado un artículo que estaba perfecto. Muy buena comunicación y muy rápido en el envío. Así da gusto comprar Leer más

  • Vintage Vultures
    el 02/10/2017Vintage Vultures

    Forero excelente al trato, material en perfectas condiciones. Así da gusto. Leer más

  • Dinius
    el 06/07/2017Dinius

    Con Pablo, un trato es un trato y es imposible que acabe mal. un saludo Leer más

  • tonovox
    el 16/01/2016tonovox

    Trato inmejorable, rápido y comunicativo. Embalaje correcto y sinte en perfecto estado, tal y como me dijo. Un placer tratar con compañeros como y... Leer más

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Palmer Monicon
Palmer Monicon el 02/12/2014

Es bastante robusto y bien acabado hace lo que dice hacer y bien la rueda es muy suave los botones una vez vas usandolos sobre todo el mono ya no el... Leer más

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