Jose San Francisco

Málaga, España
Biografía: Dj/producer born in Malaga in 1982. Influenced since childhood by several music genres including blues, funk, jazz and pop, he stepped into the world of music at age 14 when he acquired his first guitar. It didn’t take long before he started to blend different music styles and accompany popular tracks by artists like Joe Satriani and Michael Jackson with his own blend of guitar solos and riffs.

His interest in electronic music sprung at age 17 when his brother, Israel Perez, popular dj/producer, introduced him to the world of house music. His first professional work was a 2009 remix of Soul Galaktik, a track that was very well received and brought him new opportunities.

Today Jose San Francisco has several tracks and remixes out on the best electronic music portals. The highlights include The Way (Four Peas Recordings), Sweet Melody (Isla Bonita Recordings), Come On, The Darkness, Just Like U Mean it (Save Sound Recordings).

He is also a professional sound technician and plays the piano and the sax.
Artistas favoritos: David Penn
el 25/10/2003
el 16/05/2012



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