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Alicante, España
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Biografía: Drem Bruinsma (BlindººCoyote) studied electronic music with Ernst Bonis and Werner Kaegi. He started out back in the mid-1970s experimenting with two ARP 2600 modular synth's, a modified Philips organ and two looping Revox reel-to-reel tape recorders (frippertronics). In 1983 he released with minimal means his first album "Tribute to a Threadbare Bridge" (re-released in 2013), a collection of 80's dark wave and analogue ambient-like pieces. That same year 1983 he moved from the Netherlands to Brussels, Belgium, where he set up a project recording studio, l'Echo Des Montagnes. There he wrote scores for video projects, dance, theatre and collaborated with the individual members of Tuxedomoon, amongst others. Early 1990's two albums were released: "Six Reels Of Joy" (Materiali Sonori-Italy), followed by "Eros Déletère" (MSI-France), while he appeared as guest musician on albums by a.o. Sussan Deihim & Richard Horowitz, Minimal Compact, Blaine L. Reininger and Steven Brown. Drem left for the U.S.A. in 1991 where he ran an old Dodge truck with a small studio set-up under the camper shell all around the southwest, meanwhile field recording, sampling and composing. This resulted in a 16-track album "Ear Travelogue...the U-Turn Chronicles", which has been digitally re-released early 2011. Back in Amsterdam, late 1990's, he collaborated with trumpet wizard Toshinori Kondo (IMA), and produced with him a 12" vinyl EP for OffWorld U.K.: "Phantom Pain".

He lives actually in rural southern Spain where he works in his project studio, Prickly Pear Sound Facilities. Over the last few years he published two mini-albums: "Off the Record", and "Smooth is Stranger Than Friction", as well as "The Echo Tapes", remixed analogue electronica and tape techniques, the 2014, 12-track album "Shadows Of Drifting Dust", and a whole bunch of individual pieces. At the moment BººC is preparing his forthcoming album, due fall 2016.
el 15/03/2015
el 18/08/2019
Composición musical, Composición de letras, Grabación, Mezcla, Mastering, Sampling, Sintetizadores y Remixing


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  • herasdalizzard
    el 25/03/2019herasdalizzard

    Intercambio directo, rápido y ajustado perfectamente a la descripción en el anuncio. Recomendado 100%! Un saludo! Leer más

  • vicmad
    el 22/03/2019vicmad

    ¡Gran forero, de confianza y fantástico trato! Leer más

  • Avega
    el 07/03/2018Avega

    Forero 100% recomendable, el estado del producto responde con la descripcion, impecable. Envio muy rapido y buena comunicacion, un placer hacer con... Leer más

  • ianju
    el 14/03/2017ianju

    Vendedor 100% recomendable. Contestación rapida a mensajes, envio muy rápido y todo claro. Mejor imposible. Volveré a comprar seguro. Un abrazo. Leer más

  • powerstudios
    el 10/03/2017powerstudios

    Segundo trato echo con este excelente forero y usuario, todo perfecto como siempre, amabilidad y cumplidor definen a Dream!!! saludos power. Leer más

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