Valais - Wallis, Suiza
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Biografía: “I love music and I love you all! Feel twice! ...
“Is anyone out there who still has not heard anything about Jay Castelli?
No slogan better sums up the current state of Switzerland nightlife. Jay Castelli started Djing later 90's mainly due to the influence of dj friends and his love for the music. He was thrust into its first club residency just few months after he began djing, pure luck and timing. Jay know to have up to different residencies a week and playing clubs, events and parties every weekend… The monster fit! _Since we first heard Jay’s tasty music a few years a go, we knew we found a special talent, classy and highly effective, and we were not disappointed. He’s simple, deep, beautiful, hypnotizing and somehow devastating on the dance floor. Critically acclaimed by some of the biggest names in the business, Jay’s not only plays fantastic music, also he’s been busy in the studio, honing personal influenced sounds up and starting to get the attention his studio work warrants. Jay Castelli music sets are attached to the HOUSE beats which are conceived in his mind as if an “opera” was for a classical composer, giving shape to musical beauty mixed with rhythms, sounds and vocals that invite you to dance, feel good and release your senses. Overall a visionary into the future looking with a deep expression from a great talent who should be kept in mind for best clubbers in the near future.
On any set which he’s involved, Jay’s groove clearly takes center stage. As always its mastery over the dancefloor sees its dipping and reaching with easy-sliding into scatting while, its 3-part harmonies take over the beat, the feeling and the sensations keeping all the hypnotized heads happy. The crowd will undoubtedly be singing enjoying the magical taste of music all night long.
Actually he performs at Music Insider, night Club belonging to the well-known W Verbier Switzerland.
“When did my career as a Dj started? Hmm... good question!
My mom always said that I would probably end up playing an instrument or so. In fact she was not so wrong because nowadays, decks became so specialized that you can even perform a musical piece”
_Jay Castelli”
el 01/02/2009
el 26/08/2020


Aquí hay este MIDI por USB. Creo que con un hub usb también puede funcionar. Saludos!

el 03/08/2016

Muy buena apreciacion sobre el yamaha Reface DX #841

el 19/07/2016

No es tan difícil. Es sacar el porta capsulas y revisar desde los hilos que conectan la capsula, si es que no estas usando una capsula tipo concorde, hasta la conxion q hay en el brazo. Para limpiar...

el 20/06/2016
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