Peter Mor

Magnisia, Grecia
Biografía: Peter Mor was born in Volos.
He comes from a musical family.
At age 7 he began classical guitar lessons at the conservatory.
Thereafter he learned how to play electric guitar in private schools with experienced musicians.
Most of his flair for music, however is self-taught.
Peter Mor has recently become interested in writing music for film,
but he has never stopped studying his favorite instrument, the electric guitar.
Artistas favoritos: Alexandre Desplat,Hans Zimmer,Aleksandar Dimitrijevic, Nick Phoenix,Carl Orff, Yanni, Carter Burwell,Basil Pouledouris, E.S. Posthumus
Discografía: 1 Cinecrypt (2011)
2 Music For Film (2012)
3 The Gates of Kronos (2012)
el 03/07/2013
el 25/06/2014



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  • jeanmarie
    el 13/10/2013jeanmarie

    Me gusta mucho tu forma de componer,saludos cordiales! Leer más

  • J.Gabriel Navalón
    el 21/07/2013J.Gabriel Navalón

    Wellcome to the hispasonic crew Peter!! Thanks for your following!! :ook: :birras: :birras: Uséase, bienvenido a la panda y gracias por... Leer más

    el 11/07/2013VIRGIN

    Thank you Peter for it makes you a follower, for my, that someone since it pleases my music is a great responsibility, not very much Englishman,... Leer más

  • Rosa
    el 08/07/2013Rosa

    Hi Peter, thanks for following but I'm just a fan of the music of the genius that is in this web. I'm listening to your music and it's... Leer más

  • Mister Carrington
    el 08/07/2013Mister Carrington

    Ευχαριστώ, Peter. Un honor tener un seguidor griego. Leer más

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