Madrid, España
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Biografía: Negocius Man, started his career as a DJ in 1997 and as a producer in 1999 , influenced by Electro 80s & Hiphop 90s is part of MFD2 Hiphop group , along with Mackfrank , Darmo and Julia with their alias Dj.Say but not until 2000 when his Electro facet is made more visible and begins to offer its first sets loaded Scratches , various tricks , and Detroit Electro and darker sounds . In 2003 , Create What if ... Prods & Mixtapes , which served as a platform to publish their projects in specialized magazines and the internet, in 2005 turns completely debug your Electro sound and in 2007 created his own club,"The Kings Electrobar " after a chance and make good contacts with the project was dedicated to produce and deliver its first lives with Hardware and Software and start posting releases on different labels like : Fundamental Records, Mars Frequency Records, Bankai Records, Binalog Frequency Records, BeatHazard, Crobot Muzik, Urban Connections...
Currently, as organizer of the session MICROM NIGHTS beginning his career in March 2014 and his label MICROM RECORDS.
Performing in clubs as: Siroco, Specka, Caracol, Yasta, DubClub, Moroder, Republik... Hifi Festival or Electrocamp Event... and clicking with artists such as :
B.A.S. Madrid, Awco, Waje, Groof, Dj.F, Robert Cosmic, Meka, Arch, Fer Xplosion, Seek 2012, Darxid, Sace2, Durban Noise, David Aragón, Eleztrik Body, Anktronic, Julia Pé, Hyboid, Antoni maiovvi, Zenobit3, Mauro Nakimi, The Bandit or Vema.
el 01/02/2006
hace 11 horas
Grabación, Mezcla, Mastering, Sampling, Sintetizadores, Remixing y DJ


Muchas gracias voy a probar esto que me comentas, muchas gracias.

el 09/09/2016

una pregunta para saber si es posible... sobre Maschine MK2 yo tengo varios proyectos hechos y me gustaría hacer un LIVE con ellos pero sin utilizar Ableton, ¿¿¿existe alguna manera de poner esos ya...

el 08/09/2016

Yo tengo una MP 7 a la venta o cambio actualmente y actualizada

el 05/11/2014
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