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California, Estados Unidos
Biografía: Based in Los Angeles, Joan Pla (Barcelona, 1978) had his break through with the song “Come With Me” by French artist and Tv personality Afida Turner, which entered #39 on iTunes Top 100 in France right above Bruno Mars’ Lazy Song.

After working with Miguel Lara (Justin Timberlake, Adam Lambert, Usher), co-writing, producing and mixing “Come With Me”, Joan has worked with industry heavy weights such us, Chris Wonzer (Linda Perry, Enrique Iglesias), James Czeiner (Ludacris, Mia), Joel Deacon Geddis (Maroon 5), , two-time Emmy Award winning composer Neil Argo and IMFC Award Winning composer Oscar Araujo among others. Joan has recorded at legendary studios such as East West Studios, Paramount Recording Studios in Hollywood and Mohrmann Tone Studios( Germany).

In film, Joan has scored Paco Limon’s feature film “Doctor Infierno” and “Roses of April” (Additional Music) and trailers of Lionsgate distributed films “Empire of Assassins”, “Dragon Blood” and “Champions”. Joan has also done music for advertising and corporate projects.

In 2011, Joan’s song for Gabriel Angel “Far Too Long” was released through Saturday Night Sessions. Dj Reza collaborated on two remixes of the song, one with Junior Sanchez and the other one with jCut and in late 2011, World known Dj Paul Oakenfold, produced his own remix of “Far Too Long” which gave international exposure to Joan’s work.

As an artist, Joan was a member of successful Catalan band After Feed-back, which whom he released 2 albums awarded with best album of the year 2002 by Heavy/Rock Magazine (Spain) and second best album of the year in 2003 by Rockzone Magazine. In 2009 Joan released his first album as a solo artist under his nickname “Allone”, which grab critics attention for his originality and unique blend of styles.

Joan is currently working with Spanish pop star Veronica Romeo, who sold almost 300K copies of her first album and classified 2nd on the International Songwriting Contest. Verónica was also #6 on Spanish Tv program Operación Triumfo ( American Idol-like show).

Joan is very interested on creating new sounds and developing music based on what he loves the most… contrasts.


” Joan is just extraordinary, not only as a musician but also as a person. I’m honored to know him personally and to be his friend. He inspires me, his happiness and drive are contagious. Very few people have the passion and love for what they do like Joan. He looks further to find new sounds and directions for the music and I’m sure he’ll become a very successful producer in the near future” – Twice Emmy Awarded Composer Neil Argo.

“…his work made such an impact on me that I hired Joan to write music for national campaign…” Joey Levine Mutli awarded Producer responsible of over 20 milion albums sold and Founder and CEO of Crushing Music –

“… Joan Pla is able to create music with a unique sound that is riveting and captivating and shows a deep knowledge of today..s electronic sounds, he..s one of the finest music composers that I have the privilege to work with…”

Carlo Nicolau awarded composer and owner of Razorhead Music –
Discografía: Discography
Title Artist Credit Date

Mexican Girl f/Nelly Castillo & Alejandro Allone Vs Nirvan Producer/Mixer/CoWriter 2012
I Still Haven’t found What I’m Looking For Veronica Romeo Producer/Mixer/ 2012
Satellite (Single) Veronica Romeo Producer/Mixer/CoWriter 2012
Pulse (Single) Veronica Romeo Producer/Mixer/CoWriter 2011
Once Again (Single) Alan Marco Producer/ Mixer 2011
Life in the Limelight (Single) Josie Andrews Producer/Mixer/CoWriter 2011
One of a Kind (Single) Josie Andrews Producer/Mixer/CoWriter 2011
All I Want is You (Single) Josie Andrews Producer/Mixer/CoWriter 2011
Pieces of My Heart (Single) Josie Andrews Producer/Mixer/CoWriter 2011
Keep it Burning Josie Andrews Producer/Mixer/CoWriter 2011
Dar – EP Nirvan Producer / Mixer 2011
Tomorrow Brings Forever f/Jendor Gabriel Angel CoWirter/Producer/Mixer 2011
Far Too Long Gabriel Angel Producer / Songwriter / Mixer 2010
Careless Whisper Gabriel Angel Producer / Songwriter / Mixer 2010
Sticky “Remix” Clint Crisher Renmixer 2010
This Life Is Mine Bobby Soloman Producer / Songwriter / Mixer 2010
Come With Me Afida Turner Producer / Songwriter / Mixer 2010
Touch – Single Niirvan Producer / Mixer 2009
Let Actions Tell The Truth - Album Allone Producer / Songwriter / Mixer 2009
Linger – Single Nirvan Producer / Songwriter / Mixer 2008
Proud of You B East Producer / Mixer 2008
Sunday Afternoon Nirvan Producer / Songwriter / Mixer 2008
Baila Morena – Rolling Movie Theme OST Producer / Songwriter / Mixer 2007
Love Is Forever – ReMix Sin Morera Remixer / CoProducer 2007
Conscious Living – Remix Jasper James Remixer / Producer 2007
The Fight – Dr. Infierno Movie Theme OST Producer / Songwriter / Mixer 2005
Afterfeedback – Album AfterFeedback CoProducer / Songwriter 2003
The First Emotion - Album AfterFeed-back CoProducer / Songwriter 2002

Baked Goods Music Dealers 2010
– Collaboration with 2 Emmy winner composer Neil Argo
Let Me Start My Summer Day MusicDealers 2010
A Night In Miami Music Dealers 2010
Energy Up X-Ray / BLT 2009
Payless Payless / Razorhead Music 2009
Cable Vision Cable Vision / Razorhead Music 2009
Feeling Well Advil / Karma Groove 2009
OTP Cable Vision / Razorhead Music 2009
It’s Allright Hertz / Perfect Pitch 2008
Be Strong Rock Reaktor / Radio Nacional De España – Radio 3 2008
Under Armor Under Armor / Karma Groove 2008
(featured at the ESPY Awards ’08)
Folmax Folmax / Karma Groove 2008
Wells Wells Fargo / Perfect Pitch 2008
No Puedo Dejar De Pensarlo Chevy / Crushing Music 2007
I Can’t Stop Thinking About It Hummer / Crushing Music 2007
Punching Drill ESPN / Dream Artists 2006

Champions Category5Films / Lionsgate 2011
Blades of Blood Category5Films / Lionsgate 2011
Empire of Assassins - Trailer Category5Films / Lionsgate 2010
Rolling Dir. Gonzalo Junoy (USA, Mexico,Spain) 2008
Rejuvenir Dir. Dani Feixes ( Spain) 2008
Roses Of April Duna Productions (USA) 2007
Fatima And David – Trailer Karim Movies 2007
Tommlyn & Janice QuickFlipWorld (International) 2006
The Ride QuickFlipWorld (International) 2006
Doctor Infierno Melanoma Films (Spain) Best Director - A Night Of Horror 2005
Sidney Film Festival World Horror Convention -Audience Award
Brussels Fantastic Film Festival - Nominated to Best European Film

Spanish Heat Centro-Solo Locales Third Born Entertainment 2009
Dangerous Times Centro-Solo Locales Third Born Entertainment 2009
Nacion Latina Centro-Solo Locales Third Born Entertainment 2009

Company Music Logos and/or Media
Spanish Sun Bucareli Bed & Breakfast 2010
The Moon Lake Acumenium 2009
Animated Logo Weed Road Pictures 2008
Animated Logo ChaChaCha Producciones 2008
Animated Logo Sidney Kimmel Entertainment 2007
Sound Design / Editing / Mix
Doritos Commercial – Scary Good Dir. Alen Petkovic 2009
Doritos Commercial – Doritolize Dir. Alen Petkovic 2009
Dissonance Dir. Nelson Pimentel (Los Angeles) 2007
Roadside Corporate Dir. Brian J. Smith (Portland) 2007
Kuxumusu Corp. Dir. Mikel Urmeneta (Spain) 2006

Placements through Music Production Library
Lands of the Middle East AddLibrary (Spain) 2010
Cowboys AddLibrary (Spain) 2010
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Hola soy productor de musica afincado en Los Angeles. He juntado un equipo (increible) de cantantes para grabar canciones de productores que quieren un cantante americano para sus proyectos y...

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Si estas leyendo esto es porque estas considerando o te gustaria poder venir a grabar a Los Angeles. Soy productor y propietario de Vendetta Entertainment. En mi pasado como miembro de una banda...

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Equipo de vocalistas americanos profesionales de diferentes generos para todos los productores interesados en tener cantantes con un sonido americano real. Precios a partir de 150EUR por cancion...

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