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AKAI S900 12 BITS 1986

Por Guillermo el 24/09/2023 en Navarra
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AKAI S900 12 BITS 1986
  • AKAI S900 12 BITS 1986
  • AKAI S900 12 BITS 1986
  • AKAI S900 12 BITS 1986
  • AKAI S900 12 BITS 1986
  • AKAI S900 12 BITS 1986
Funciona perfecto, ya no tengo el cable y le falta la ruleta, lo perdí en la mudanza. Para los que saben de esto, ya saben lo que es, poco mas que decir!

The S900 sampler was Akai's first truly professional sampler, released in 1986. Its sampling specifications were pro-quality at the time: 12-bit stereo sampling, 7.5kHz to 40kHz variable sampling rates and a maximum of 63 seconds of sample time at 7.5kHz. Up to 32 samples can be created and stored to disk along with any edit settings. This was one of the first rack-mount samplers to use a built-in disk drive. Although the drive could load sounds while you play, it was still a very slow process.

Editing and programming the S900 is a very good precursor to the advanced S3000 series. There are lots of advanced edit capabilities for looping, truncating, velocity crossfading, tuning and even analog-like parameters to control. Individual outputs for each of the eight voices, stereo mix out, stereo input, MIDI and trigger inputs round out this machine as a professional vintage-status sampler that still proves to be very useful even for today's musicians!
Características declaradas por el vendedor

Estado: Bueno

Año de fabricación: 1986

País de fabricación: Estados Unidos

Color: Gris

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