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Analog Addicts mic pre

Por saxflavour29 el 29/05/2018 en Barcelona
Expiración: 08/11/2018 | Visto 378 veces
590 €
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Analog Addicts mic pre
  • Analog Addicts mic pre
  • Analog Addicts mic pre
  • Analog Addicts mic pre
  • Analog Addicts mic pre
Pongo a la venta mis previos.
Aquí otra joya.
Siempre en el

Añado info, muchos interesados preguntando detalles.

Early 60's valve preamplifier model with a very warm & vintage sound

Perfect for guitar DI use, a very high quality mic pre and to add warmth and colour to all your recordings.

Classic vintage valve sound and the same input valve as used in the most classic mic pre's like the V72 and EMI consoles

Genuine vintage valve preamp, not a modern clone

model with upgraded Mullard Mustard capacitors, high grade low noise resistors and high grade output transformer which gives a better frequency response

EF86 mic input stage - 2 x EF86 - 1 x ECC83 - 1 x EL84
Built to a very high standard by the techs here at Analogue Addicts UK - Over 30 years experience designing and building high end electronic and audio units

To keep this as original as possible only a few components have been replaced for reliability. Upgraded some capacitors and had a general clean and service. This has kept the magical  sparkle valve sound which you just don't get with modern preamps and amps. Fully tested and working condition

* Mic input - Transformer balanced rear XLR

* line/instrument level Input - Front 1/4" unbalanced
* Hi z input - Front 1/4" unbalanced

* Line output - Rear XLR unbalanced output - Upgrade option included transformer balanced output

* Mic Input level control

* VU meter - Illuminated 

* Gain control 

* Mains on/off switch
* Power supply included

48v Phantom power - upgrade
Transformer balanced line output - upgrade

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