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Blackout Effectors Twosome Dual Fuzz

Por rukutunn el 12/08/2017 en Ávila
Expiración: 29/03/2018 | Visto 217 veces
225 €
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Blackout Effectors Twosome Dual Fuzz
Una macarrada de pedal, o mejor dicho 2 pedales en uno. La foto es de gogle (subire foto nada mas que pueda). El mio esta como nuevo,siempre en el estudio, a destacar que ya tiene pegado velcro para colocarlo en la pedalera.

NO INTERESADO EN CAMBIO, SOLO VENTA (no responderé propuestas)

Os pego las caracteristicas en ingles:

A Fix'd Fuzz Deluxe and a Musket in one mega versatile pedal. This thing has you covered.

Fix'd Fuzz Deluxe

FIX’D FUZZ DELUXE, the hydra-headed dragon of handmade fuzzboxes, boosts & overdrives. Replete with two polar opposite fuzz tones, as well as a fullrange clean boost through heady overdrive and a (wide) tone sculpting stage. It delivers BIG diversity in sound - all in a small footprint package designed specifically for the cramped pedalboard. On the fly tracing of the signal chain laid out in the graphic! The Fix'd Fuzz Deluxe picks up where the old stock Fix'd Fuzz left off and adds more tweakability, like the version used in the Twosome.


The logical progression from then to now, the MUSKET is based
on one of the raunchiest, best selling fuzz circuits of all time
- taken three giant muffy steps further. With the addition of the
PRE, FOCUS & MIDS controls, the MUSKET is able to traverse
the decades, the continents and the many iterations of the
classic 4-stage fuzz circuit - from emulation to beyond. If you
need fuzz and you need it to be massive...

And bass players, look no further. The Musket brings the
thunder to perfectly compliment your lightning. You'll
find the Musket on pro bass player boards
the world over.

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