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Dimmerpack Showtec Lite Boss

Por Jose Luis Lopez el 25/10/2017 en Zaragoza
Expiración: 11/03/2018 | Visto 99 veces
120 €
Este anuncio ha expirado.
Dimmerpack Showtec Lite Boss
  • Dimmerpack Showtec Lite Boss
  • Dimmerpack Showtec Lite Boss
The Lite Boss embodies 4 chase channels and a 4 channel dimmpack in a 2U 19" rack. The LiteBoss is a true all-in-one showpack with 17 chasepatterns, that can be recalled from the Program Up/Down buttons. Manually flashing is also possible. In the same time 4 lighteffects can be hooked up on the 4 switchchannels, which have an adjustable on/off-interval.These lighteffects can also be controlled manually by 4 flash and latch buttons. On the rearside of the Lite Boss you'll find 4 Schuko connectors for parcans and 3 bulgins: 2 for 4 parcans each and one bulginconnector for 4 effects.


Weight: 3,64Kg

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