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Mesa Soundtracs Solitaire

Por Andres hace 2 semanas en Madrid
Expiración: 02/12/2019 | Visto 74 veces
3500 €
Mesa Soundtracs Solitaire
Mesa Soundtracs Solitaire Mixer 40 canales

Mesa Soundtracs Solitaire Mixer 40 canales

Mesa Soundtracs Solitaire Mixer 40 canales
Mesa analogica Soundtracs Solitaire de 40 canales

Se entrega con el manual completo y diagramas.

Os copio las especificaciones y adjunto fotografias.

No dudes en escribirme para una informacion mas detallada.

Transistor front end (SCMs) mmmm nice !
Padless gain gives 70dB on the mic input ...excellent !
Swept Hi and Low FdB filters and two semi-parametric mids (which can be switched to the monitor section) "deliver EQ from smooth to WILD !,while the roll off filter provides tight control of the sub bass without moving important bass presence"
sweet as a nut !
HF - 1.8k > 18KHz =/- 15 dB to 20dB
MF1 - 700 >14 KHza +/- 15dB Q 1.5
MF2 - 50 >1 KHz +/- 15dB Q 1.5
LF - 50> 500 Hz +/- 20 >15dB

Below the channel EQ is the flexible monitor EQ _2 band shelving filters. In addition, the mid filters from the channel EQ can be switched into the monitor section or the entire channel can be flipped providing the full EQ on the monitor, and a nice little proper fader too !

HF - 10KHz +/- 15dB
LF - 100Hz +/- 15dB
8 x AUX SENDS : 1-2 are for monitor, 3-4 are for channel .
Both are stereo and independantly switchable pre or post fade
Aux 5>8 are post fade and can be switched in pairs into the monitor section.
Aux 7_8 can access the 24 trk routing for 24 additional sends on mixdown ...neat !

Channel Controls

change metering from monitor/group to channel,flip from record to mix mode , swap the pahse of incoming signals ,route to multitrack . Solo and auto mute


Tape ins/outs are BALANCED and internally selectable between +4dBu and -10dBu

Mater Module

4 stereo FX returns with 2 band EQ
+4/-10db switchable
8 Aux masters
2 solo controls : PFL/AFL /Inplace solo
Built in oscillator
Talkback >STUDIO/ GROUPS/AUX/Direct output
C. Room OUTPUT A+B / 3 x 2Trk Returns
Studio output ... very usefull

Integrated Patch Bay

Integrated patch bay allows a really flexible option on all ins/outs/inserts /2 tracks /tie lines : ALL connections available on 56 way MALE EDACS (wired 16 /edac) and mic ' inputs on XLR


40 channel PB 139 KG 2200 mm wide

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