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Mixer Mackie SR 24-4 VLZ PRO Made in USA

Por FMusic el 06/10/2017 en Barcelona
Expiración: 06/10/2018 | Visto 459 veces
500 €
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Mixer Mackie SR 24-4 VLZ PRO Made in USA
  • Mixer Mackie SR 24-4 VLZ PRO Made in USA
  • Mixer Mackie SR 24-4 VLZ PRO Made in USA
  • Mixer Mackie SR 24-4 VLZ PRO Made in USA
Funciona perfectamente, con su case de aluminio y con transformador.

Gastos de envio a cargo del comprador

Mackie SR24.4 VLZ Pro
Four buses make live mixing a breeze because you can submix groups of inputs and then control them with one fader - for example, all of your background vocals or all your drum mics.

The SR24.4-VLZ PRO has 20 mono mic/line channels with XDR mic preamps PLUS 2 special line level channel strips. Equalization on the SR-VLZ PRO Series mixers is very versatile. Besides the fact that Mackie's Hi and Lo shelving EQ are centered at useful frequencies - 12kHz - the SR24.4-VLZ PRO has sweepable midrange EQ (on mono channels). You can center the midrange anywhere from 100Hz to 8kHz, low enough to use as a second low frequency EQ, and high enough to use in the high frequency range. (Stereo channels on mixer has 4-band EQ, with 12kHz and 80Hz Hi and Lo shelving EQ, and 2 fixed mids at 3kHz and 800Hz). And a low cut filter (on mono channels) centered at 75Hz allows you to cut out mic thumps and wind noise that can enter your mix and rob you of amplifier power.

The SR-VLZ PRO Series mixers have 6 aux sends per channel, with the flexibility to handle multiple chores at once. Two of the aux sends are pre-fader, so you can use them for monitor sends during a live session. Two other aux sends are post-fader, which you would want for effects during studio tracking and mixdown. But get this: the final 2 aux sends are switchable to pre- or post-fader! So you can have 4 pre-fader aux sends, or 4 post-fader aux sends, whenever you need them.

Along with great channel EQ, SR-VLZ PRO mixers come with factory "Air." This peaking EQ circuit, centered at 16kHz, enhances guitars, vocals, percussion, whatever, giving a gentle "lift" to the extreme high end. The result is extra detail and fidelity in the high end. Sound On Sound magazine said about Air: "[The] Air controls turned out to be far more effective in adding top-end clarity than you might first imagine - it's almost an 'exciter' kind of effect, but without the harshness."

When you put all of the SR-VLZ PRO Series' features and enhancements together, you'll have 2 highly-affordable sound reinforcement mixers with what it takes for both live and small studio applications.

Premium XDR mic preamps (20 on the SR24.4 VLZ PRO)

4 submix buses

6 aux sends (2 pre, 2 post, 2 switchable pre/post)

3-band EQ with sweepable mids (4-band fixed EQ on stereo channels)

75Hz Low cut filter on all mono channels

"Air" EQ on sub buses

Talkback section with level control, LED, and separate rear XLR input

"Double-bused" sub outs for eight track recording without repatching

Inserts on all mono channels and subs

AFL/PFL solo on all channels (globally switchable)

60mm log-taper faders for consistent fades

Balanced XLR and 1/4 in. main outputs

Additional mono XLR main out with level control

Balanced inputs and outputs (except phones, inserts, RCAs)

Built-in power supply

12V BNC lamp socket

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