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Previo Telefunken v672

Por Jnick hace 3 semanas en Tarragona
Expiración: 09/04/2020 | Visto 160 veces
199 €
Previo Telefunken v672
  • Previo Telefunken v672
  • Previo Telefunken v672
  • Previo Telefunken v672
Vendo módulo de previo Telefunken v672.

The V672 multi purpose amplifier is a real TELEFUNKEN classic. Developed in the 1960th as the direct successor of the V72 tube amp modules, the V672 was first build by TELEFUNKEN and later by its follower ANT TELEFUNKEN who took over the pro audio section of TELEFUNKEN in the 1980´s. Since the V672 is a multi purpose amp and can be used in many different ways, many have been build and for a long time, you could find them rather cheap on the used market. Now, that more and more people know about the hi quality and good sound of the modules, prices are rising.

The TELEFUNKEN V672 is a fully discrete solid state amplifier. The output transformers of these earlier TELEFUNKEN labeled modules are the green ones build "in house" by TELEFUNKEN. Later modules used the huge Haufe transformers. The whole design is very high quality and the specs correspond to the request of the "ARD-Pflichtenheft" and the IRT. Just as the V72 tube modules, the gain of the V672 is fixed at 34db. With a modification, you can raise the gain to around 60dB. Still with linear frequency response. This makes the V672 a very interesting mic preamp, also for dynamic mics with lower output.

Besides having great specs with low noise and thd+N values, the TELEFUNKEN V672 adds a very nice mid coloration to the signal. This makes the V672 not the most transparent and open mic pre in the world, but definetly it´s one of the most interesting ones. It adds magic to electric guitars and many different vocals. We have sold this amp in the racked VT672 version to many clients worldwide who have all been very impressed by the color, tone and dynamic of this preamp.

100% discrete
Up to 60dB of clean gain (with mod)
1.5dB fine trim at the frontplate
Needs at 31-pin connector and a 24DC psu (48V DC for phantom power)
Transformer balanced in- and outputs
Can be used as: mic preampp / line preampp / distribution amp / summing amp / DI-Box / MS-Matrix (with a second V672)

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