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Raven Mti2 Slate

Por nachey hace 4 días en Málaga
Expiración: 28/09/2020 | Visto 140 veces
800 €
Raven Mti2 Slate
Impecable, muy bien cuidado con caja y manuales. Licencia de Cubase pero se puede solicitar otro DAW.

Multi touch screen 27"


7 Stereo inputs
3 Speaker Sources with LFE Enable per speaker pair.
2 Stereo Cue Outputs to feed Headphone Amps.
Talk Back system with built in mic and “Talkback Presets” to independently send talkback to specified outputs.
CAL Mode to pre-set a reference monitoring level.
LFE Output with LPF & Crossover Point, Phase and Level.
DB25 Connections for Inputs and Outputs
DB9 Connections for VU Aux and Talkback Aux
Powered USB 2.0 inputs x2

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