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Senheiser ME66 Bundle + Rycote

Por AFL el 25/03/2018 en Barcelona
Expiración: 24/05/2018 | Visto 106 veces
230 €
Este anuncio ha expirado.
Senheiser ME66 Bundle + Rycote
Sennheiser ME66/K6 -
K6 (Battery/Phantom) Power Supply
Short Shotgun Condenser Capsule

The capsule features a highly directional, cardioid polar pattern yielding great attenuation at the sides of the microphone, maximizing pickup at the front. The result is a focused pickup in highly ambient environments. A wide 40-20,000Hz frequency response provides detailed, accurate signal reproduction. The ME66 capsule takes advantage of the K6 modular power supply. The K6 houses a standard AA alkaline battery and is also capable of accepting phantom power from outside sources. Its compact design allows mounting to video cameras. The ME66 is at home in event videography, ENG / EFP use, video depositions, corporate media applications and film.

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