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Sistema inalámbrico Shure Slx 4 – micrófono Sm 58

Por calvario producciones el 02/07/2017 en Cádiz
Expiración: 23/04/2020 | Visto 1104 veces
360 €
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Sistema inalámbrico Shure Slx 4 – micrófono Sm 58
*Sistema inalámbrico Shure Slx 4 – micrófono Sm 58 - 1 unid. disponible

SLX Wireless Handheld System, Includes SLX2/SM58 Handheld Transmitter with SM58 Microphone and SLX4 Diversity Receiver. Sound installations and working bands need powerful wireless tools that can be set up quickly and used confidently. Shure's rugged SLX® UHF Wireless Systems exceed these demands with innovative automatic setup features, such as auto frequency scan and transmitter setup, exceptional wireless clarity, and legendary Shure microphones. Supporting 20 compatible systems across multiple UHF frequency bands, SLX smoothly integrates into houses of worship, lecture halls, conference rooms, and mobile gear cases.SLX Wireless Systems feature Shure's patented Audio Reference Companding for clear sound beyond the limits of conventional wireless technology. Audio Reference Companding: The BasicsWhat does it do?Improves wireless sound quality.What is it?A more efficient companding scheme.What is companding?Companding is the process of compressing the audio signal prior to transmission and expanding it after reception. All pro audio wireless needs companding to deliver a wide dynamic range (greater than 100dB).How does it work?Audio Reference Companding is a level-dependent companding scheme. Instead of companding across the entire dynamic range like most wireless systems (causing a whooshing audio artifact known as breathing), companding only occurs at high audio levels. These levels are high enough to make the companding artifacts inaudible.Why is it better?Sounds more like a wired microphone, with less noise and greater dynamic range than other wireless systems. No artifacts, lower noise floor, clearer sound at all audio levels.Audio Reference Companding: Tangible resultsSpecific attributes of Audio Reference Companding that the listener will notice are: * No breathing noise * Lower noise floor * More headroom - won't clip as easily * Clearer sound at all audio levels * Sounds more like a wired mic.

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