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Small Sound/ Big Sound MINI (Fuzz Overdrive)

Por headbanger_rare_guitars el 29/07/2017 en Madrid
Expira el 30/12/2017 | Visto 38 veces
200 €
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Small Sound/ Big Sound MINI (Fuzz Overdrive)
Los Small Sound / Big Sound son pedales boutique hechos a mano por Brian Hamilton, miembro de la banda Cymbals Eat Guitars.

please use a standard 9V DC power supply (designed for musical instruments) with a negative center 2.1mm barrel and do NOT run at higher voltages. peak current draw is around 12mA.

gain: simultaneously controls 2 gain stages for an extremely wide range from clean boost to overdrive to fuzz. this control hugely impacts the volume, so be careful…

volume: simple enough. it can be LOUD, depending on the settings of the gain control, so start with it low.

treble: a passive LPF.

bass: a passive HPF which is pre-gain, so less bass means a cleaner signal and more bass means more saturated gain.

bias: a variant on a starve control which many pedals feature. optimal working voltage is around noon, with lower voltage counterclockwise for broken-up, gritty low-wattage amp tones and clockwise for more headroom and clarity.

Headbanger Rare Guitars

Revisada por luthier.

Si quieres probarlo estamos en C/ de la Palma 73, Madrid.

Se hacen envios.

Financiación a 6 meses sin intereses o tambien con la posibilidad de financiación hasta 24 meses.
headbanger rare guitars

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