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EMS RS-510. RS-500. Analogue systems

Por voltagelove el 23/12/2017 en Valladolid
Expiración: 10/10/2018 | Visto 246 veces
460 €
EMS RS-510. RS-500. Analogue systems
  • EMS RS-510. RS-500. Analogue systems
  • EMS RS-510. RS-500. Analogue systems
Vendo estos dos modulos en perfecto estado.


The Trapezoid Generator module is made under license of the EMS and is a remake of the EMS envelope shaper known from VCS3, Synthi A and AKS. It is a very unique modulator which can be used as a trapeze or triangle shape LFO and/or a attack-hold-decay envelope generator. It's flexible, weird and totally different from an ADSR.
For the real EMS feeling combine the 500e Filter with the 510 Trapezoid.
Thanks to a new dual-bus concept, this circuit is fully compatible to Doepfer’s Eurorack standard.

The only officially licensed remake of the EMS diode lowpass filter used in the VCS3 and AKS synths. It´s a faithful recreation of the original circuit, featuring some modifications that are also done on vintage EMS equipment, like a switchable faster CV response option for very quick modulations. Another switch determines if the filter has -18dB/oct slope as used by EMS pre-1974 or a slope of -24dB as used after 1974.
The cutoff frequency and also the resonance are voltage controllable. Signal inputs and outputs have level controls.

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