Audient iD44 linkear con ADAT XT

Last Mac-ShiNE
#1 por Last Mac-ShiNE hace 1 semana
Hola que tal, yo tengo una audient ID44 tiene la conexion para linkear ADAT pero no dice en el manual!

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Last Mac-ShiNE escribió:
conexion para linkear ADAT pero no dice en el manual!

En la página 2 del manual de la iD44 alguien de Audient escribió:
2 x ADAT inputs and 2 x ADAT outputs for up to 16 channels of Digital I/O

En el apartado del manual de la Audient iD44 titulado Digital Inputs and Outputs (pág.18) alguien de Audient escribió:
iD44 features two optical inputs and two optical outputs. These can be set to operate using optical stereo S/PDIF or 8-channel ADAT using the iD mixer application. All i/o will operate at up to 96kHz, with ADAT dropping to 4 channels at sample rates of 88.2kHz or higher.
Running in S/PDIF mode, the optical i/o provides the option to integrate external digital outboard, allowing up to 4 channels of audio in and out of the iD44 at sample rates up to 96KHz.
Running in ADAT mode, the optical i/o provides a great way to expand to 20 inputs for recording via an external mic preamp such as the Audient ASP800.
The ADAT outputs could also be connected to headphone distribution systems such as a HearbackTM HUB or to an 8-channel DAC for summing purposes. When using 88.2kHz and 96kHz as a sample rate, you only have access to 8 channels of digital input and 8 channels of digital output (due to the ADAT protocol). More information on how the iD mixer is used to route to the optical outputs can be found on pages 36-37.
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