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Re:Inanimate ("Dust" con voz) Metal

#1 por reinanimate el 15/01/2011
Hola de nuevo,aquí os dejo una canción casi finalizada con voz,estamos pensado en grabar algunas guturales más agudas,que os parece a vosotros?os dejo la letra,espero que os guste. The universe surrounds me, I'm born again from dust and flames
and still this world confounds me, a miracle that's forged in pain

so I reach into eternity, I'm pulling back a missing part of me
now, I'm staring at this endless sea, a billion stars ride out my legacy

day falls to night falls to day
the ancient fables fade away

brother can you see signs they're all around
the stars above the gods that shake ground
the broken silence now the only sound
time slows down

the cradle of tomorrow, cast away for here and now
while the ghosts of sorrow, feed us lies of love somehow

Life, we all conceive and die as one, dust in my eyes, the same that formed the sun
Time, we all return to where we're from, the parts are now greater than the sum

day falls to night falls to day
the ancient fables fade away
#2 por kalatraba el 17/01/2011
suena cañón el tema Re:inanimate,tiene muy buena estructura,la letra esta genial y la musica inmejorable,enhorabuena,se agradece escuchar cosas con esta calidad por el foro!
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