Asio4all version 1,5 26 enero

#1 por kilometro el 31/01/2004

hay una nueva version de los drivers asio universales, en la web encontrareis las mejoras y podreis bajarlo, es gratis como ya sabeis.
#2 por kilometro el 31/01/2004
Made it work with ISA cards (yeah, right!) that do not support 48000Hz sampling rate, such as the ESS Audio Drive series - well, as long as there's a WDM driver, why not give it a try?
Requirements for DMA box being shown have been relaxed a little. Never check this for USB devices, though!
Fix a problem with multi-channel recording cards i.e. it runs on my DSP2000 C-Port again ;-)
Direct DMA Buffer mode has been tweaked a little for better performance (needs testing) As a negative side effect, things may need a longer time to get in sync after you start the application or apply some changes in the control panel. Resyncing will take a couple seconds now, during which crackling and stuff will be heard.
General workaround for all host applications that happen to drop BufferSwitch() calls. Makes Reason workaround obsolete i.e. no special treatment anymore. Should sort of fix things for Tracktion, too.
Samplitude no longer crashes when trying to open the control panel.
Add a Message Box whenever it has been found that the audio device is already in use. In nine out of ten cases this is because the 'Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth' is enabled as a MIDI output device somewhere.
Add a version number display to the ASIO control panel so it is not as easy anymore to get things mixed up.
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