Lengüetas, piano o guitarra

#1 por FontE el 21/07/2003
Well I'd love if anyone had sites with Guitar tabs or Piano sheet music/ chords/ tabs or if anyone has any. I'm more interested in, Coldplay, Sublime, Blink 182 and Red Hot Chili Peppers.. Thanks. Also if you know how to speak English that's be great, hate to disturb your peace in this lovely environment, I'm just the only one... I'm learning spanish. Thank you. FontE
El pozo I amaría si cualquier persona tenía sitios con las lengüetas de los acordes de la música de las lengüetas de la guitarra o de la hoja del piano o si cualquier persona tiene cualesquiera. Estoy más interesado adentro, Coldplay, sublimo, centelleo 182 y las pimientas candentes del chile. Grazias. También si usted sabe hablar el inglés que es sea grande, odia disturbar su paz en este ambiente encantador, yo es justo el único... Estoy aprendiendo español. Gracias. FontE
Juan de Dios Martín
#2 por Juan de Dios Martín el 21/07/2003
Yes I don't
#4 por blueboy2000 el 21/07/2003
About your message, I think you was using an english-spanish translation sofware, by the way of constructing your grammar phrases.

I recommend you use your little knowledge of spanish language than use a translator.

Its better for you, and better for us, too. Anybody here will discuss your spanish language knowledge, but its a bit more confortable to read some phrases in english with a little of spanish, that try "imagine" the meaning of a translated message by a software, that usually doesn
#5 por FontE el 21/07/2003
Hi Partyman,
and thank you very much BlueBoy2000, its for my band, we are doing a few covers.. well the band signed to TnR, I'm just their helper.. A buddy of mine is in it.. Teddy, he'd like to know so I'll tell him, and he'll most definietly say thanks.. and thank you for the welcome too.

Muchas gracias, pronto escucharéis esas tablaturas, postearé un mensaje con algunas versiones mías cuando las termine!

and just reading ur post now, ok sorry, haha, Im still alot off, but learning I will try by best nest time.
#6 por Tollelle el 21/07/2003
¿Que les pasa en los dedos a todos? 8)
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