Medidores estereo en pistas mono

#1 por SPK el 14/11/2012
Es normal q las pistas mono lleven medidores estereo...?
#2 por Fran el 14/11/2012
Pues es evidente, dado que la salida del Master es estereo, por lo tanto si paneas una pista mono a una salida estereo solo un medidor estereo puede visualizar la cantidad de señal enviada a la salida izquierda y/o derecha del master, si el medidor fuera mono no podrías saber que proporción de señal mandas a cada canal.
#3 por enriquesilveti el 14/11/2012
Porque es una medicion despues del panoramico y todos los buses de Samplitude son estereo.
#4 por SPK el 15/11/2012
Entonces, si tuvieramos una pista mono, q diferencia habria en activar el "estereo" o "mono"...?
#5 por simper66 el 15/11/2012
8. The "Mono" button: This switches the track to mono processing from the input up to the pan
controller. In particular, all track effects preceding the pan controller operate in mono, which saves
considerable CPU resources. The submix and AUX return buses always remain stereo, however.
Right click one of these two control elements and the stereo panorama dialog will open to adjust
additional settings like panning laws or the stereo width.
If stereo objects are located in mono tracks, the mono share (L+R) is generally played. However,
this can be changed via the "Mono side channel processing" preset.
For standard routing, only the post DX/VST plug-ins and post AUX sends are arranged after the
panorama controller, and are therefore calculated as a stereo signal. The routing position of the pan
controller, however, can be freely adjusted in the "FX routing" dialog.
Detailed information about the stereo panorama dialog can be found in the chapter "Stereo
panorama dialog (view page 239)".
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