Reaper 2.201 en descargas

#1 por texvo el 09/04/2008
REAPER v2.201 - April 7 2008
Download: 3.2 MB installer

* Master playspeed control can now be tweaked in realtime with a decent quality preview
* VST: bumped effEditIdle rate back up to 10hz
* VST: removed builtin plugins size weirdness on config open
* installer now allows you to choose elastique 1, elastique 2, or both.
* ReaTune: defaults to elastique 2 soloist if e1 isnt available
* fx add window: fixed bugs storing position across instances
* fix for elastique 2.0 crashes in certain instances
* ReWire: better tab names
#2 por --64668-- el 10/04/2008
yes, yes

elastique 2.o ummm....
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